Inside Birdie’s

Design | Furniture | Interiors | 04/04/2023


Tracy and Arjav of Birdie’s, a family-run restaurant and wine bar in a historic neighborhood in East Austin, came to us to help them design and build their first restaurant. Old hands in the hospitality industry (Gramercy Tavern is where they met), the couple sought to create a relaxed atmosphere that would highlight their seasonal cuisine. Our team collaborated with them to create a space that captured their vision for a welcoming dining experience.

We created several designs for furniture, including outdoor tables and benches, outdoor lounge chairs, interior tables, chairs, and barstools, as well as doors and windows. When you walk through the front door, the warmth of the wood greets you alongside the smiling faces of everyone behind the counter.

Outside, we wanted the space to feel beautifully secluded despite the fact that you’re in the middle of a neighborhood. We enclosed the space with slatted walls and designed furniture in a neutral cream color with rich mahogany accent pieces.

Our hope is that anyone who walks through Birdie’s will experience a beautiful space that also captures the essence of what Tracy and Arjav have cultivated for their business–warm, simple, and with hints of unexpected delights. Learn more about this project and see photos.

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