Our Process

KKDW is the all-in-one solution to bring your business space from vision to fruition.

We specialize in bringing your entrepreneurial dream to life through a streamlined process that delivers a fully immersive space that captures the essence of your business. Learn more about our process and how we can help you achieve your vision.
What You Can Expect

When imagining a space for your future business, getting overwhelmed with all the moving parts is easy. We at KKDW are skilled designers, fabricators, steelworkers, and manufacturers with over 15 years of experience designing and building. Our broad and varied experiences make our team nimble and prepared for any situation. We have the capacity and capability to create your business space–complete with made-for-you furniture, fixtures, and finishing details. Our streamlined process can help you save time and money without compromising quality.

Though every project is different, we always aim to convey your unique brand in the space we create while considering your timeline and budget.

Our favorite project is always the next one.
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One of our early meetings together is called “Discovery.” We’ll ask you to share your concept for your business space, inspiration, timeline, and cost parameters so that we can get a deep understanding of your goals. We’ll draw from your inspiration to create a concept deck composed of sketches and imagery that conveys your brand and vision.

Our team can integrate at any stage of the process. If you are in the earlier stages, we can help you conceptualize your project, help find a space that fits your vision, and provide recommendations for collaborators as needed (e.g. contractors and architects). As your trusted partner, you can utilize our expertise to inform your decisions.

The concept deck becomes the north star of the project and will inform all of our decisions, from the interior and the ambiance to the color story, while we create your unique space.

After creating the concept deck for your project, we develop all the design details for your space–everything from the walls and ceilings to the plants for the outside landscaping. Everything within your space (e.g. furniture, plants, textiles, cutlery, decor, etc.) is representative of your brand. We’ll design custom furniture and fixtures, or spec and source the ones that meet your aesthetic.

If relevant to your project, we can share technical aspects of designs and construction documents with third-party collaborators to help with planning or permitting.

Build & Fabricate

This phase is typically the longest in terms of time, because it is here that your vision comes to life.

KKDW can fully customize everything within your space, from furniture to light fixtures to faucets. About 80% of the design elements within a space are fully customized and manufactured by our in-house fabrication team. We source the rest to complement the aesthetic. We use the designs created in the last phase to ensure that everything is built and constructed to the desired specifications and standards. Depending on your project, we may also be collaborating with architects and general contractors.


We create fully immersive experiences by communicating the brand voice through the space’s layout, decor, furnishings, and finishing details. At the end of this stage, we have styled your space with the custom furniture we’ve designed and built, or sourced to be the perfect fit, arranged the greenery outside the entryway, and stocked the drawers with everything your guests need to make it feel more than move-in ready.

In every space we design and build, our goal is to convey the heart of your business through elevated design elements resulting in something unique to you, your brand, and the people who will enter your space.

In every space we design and build, our goal is to convey the heart of your business through elevated design elements resulting in something that is unique to you, your brand, and the people who will enter your space.
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